TCA ED Successfully Completes Term as Chair of Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Leadership Committee

TCA ED Successfully Completes Term as Chair of Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Leadership Committee
December, 2023 marked the completion of TCA Executive Director Tiffany Stevens’ 15-month term as Chair of the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Leadership Committee.

Under her leadership, this committee has overseen tremendous efforts all stemming from stakeholder consensus at the 2019 Future of Chiropractic Forum for a profession-wide strategic plan. Ms. Stevens is among a dedicated group of leaders who were involved in Phases I & II of the plan who continued to serve in new roles, working together to launch Phase III’s multi-faceted implementation strategy.

During her term, she has participated in regularly scheduled workgroup sessions, video conferences, and committee meetings with Leadership Committee colleagues to solidify the foundation that will be built upon over the next several years.

These pivotal achievements include putting in place consistent organization-wide culture of fair-minded, transparent processes through streamlined governance that encourages collaboration, the establishment of the Dartmouth Fellowship supporting emerging professionals through educational and research opportunities, a successful ACA/ICA/ChiroCongress Joint Meeting, and earned appreciation by the greater community shown through an outside donation of $100K toward these efforts. You can learn more about these and other accomplishments in the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Annual Impact Report.

“These accomplishments are a testament to the hard work of our generous stakeholders, volunteers, leadership, and staff within Chiropractic Future and their unwavering commitment to our profession’s mission,” said Mrs. Stevens. “It has been a privilege to serve as Chair during this exceptional year of progress for chiropractic.”

Mrs. Stevens plans to remain active with Chiropractic Future as a representative of the profession in Tennessee and to support its efforts for chiropractic.

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