Government Affairs Workgroup

In late April, Chiropractic Future met in Jackson, Mississippi, to continue the plan’s momentum. There are currently six active workgroups, with the additional Leadership Committee at the helm. Those present included all members of the Leadership Committee, Lizz Klein, ChiroCongress Executive Director, and Kim Zanke, Programs Administrator, with two members attending via Zoom. Chiropractic Future is excited to report on their progress below.

The Government Affairs Committee (GA) has completed the process of starting a SuperPAC – Better Access to Chiropractic (BACPAC). John Murray (WI) is chairing that workgroup. Both individuals and corporations can make donations to this SuperPAC.  Current goals include working with the ChiroTech Workgroup to create a Government Affairs dashboard. Previously, the states were about their needs, and this workgroup continues to evaluate how they can assist the needs of each state.