Leadership Committee Announces New Leadership for 2024

Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Leadership Committee Announces New Leadership for 2024

A New Chapter in Chiropractic Excellence 
In a groundbreaking event that marks a new chapter in chiropractic excellence, the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Leadership Committee is proud to announce its newly elected leaders for the year 2024. This announcement follows a remarkable journey that began in November 2019 at The Future of Chiropractic Forum in San Diego, CA, where stakeholders agreed that there was a real need for a profession-wide strategic plan. In January 2020, the first leadership committee was formed to take on this task.

Milestone Achievements and Forward Momentum
Over the past two years, the strategic plan has evolved through critical phases - from data collection to plan development and now into the implementation phase. This journey has seen significant progress in all areas, with dedicated leaders from the initial phases now steering the plan into a transformative implementation phase.

Leadership for the Future
The 2023 elections, concluded on October 12, have resulted in a dynamic team set to serve from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024. This team comprises distinguished professionals, each bringing unique expertise and vision to the chiropractic community. The elected members are:
  • Dr. Rachel Wendt, Chair (Executive Director, Kentucky Association of Chiropractors)
  • Tiffany Stevens, Immediate Past Chair (Executive Director, Tennessee Chiropractic Association)
  • Kristi Hudson, Vice-Chair (VP of Business Relations, ChiroHealth USA)
  • Kristine Dowell, Chair, Communications Workgroup*(Executive Director, Michigan Association ofChiropractors)
  • Dr. Jay Greenstein, Chair, ChiroTech Consortium (Owner, Kaizenovate)
  • Dr. Heidi Haavik, Chair, Research Workgroup (Founder, Haavik Research)
  • Dr. Don Reno, Chair, Government Affairs Workgroup (Executive Director, MichiCare)
  • Dr. Vijay Patel, Chair, Fundraising Workgroup (President, Illinois Chiropractic Society)
  • John Murray, Chair, Better Access to Chiropractic Political Action Committee (Executive Director,Wisconsin Chiropractic Association)
  • Dr. Ray Foxworth, At Large Member (Owner, ChiroHealth USA)
  • Dr. Mark Sanna, At Large Member (CEO, Breakthrough Coaching) 
  • Dr. Dan Spencer, At Large Member (Past President of Michigan Association of Chiropractors, ChiroCongress and current President of the Chiropractic Summit)
  • Dr. Thomas Kearn, At Large Member (Chiropractor, Verte’ Health)
  • Barbara Contessa, Ex-Officio Member (Treasurer, ChiroCongress Cares and Former Executive Director,New York Chiropractic Council)
  • Elizabeth Klein, Ex-Officio Member (Executive Director, Congress of Chiropractic State Associations)

In addition, Vice-Chairs were elected to each workgroup and will work in partnership with the Chairs in the implementation phase. The Vice-Chairs elected include:
  • Dr. Mark Sanna (Florida), Communications Workgroup*
  • Robin Abrams (California), Communications Workgroup*
  • Brad Cost (Oklahoma), ChiroTech Consortium
  • Dr. Katie Pohlman (Texas), Research Workgroup
  • Dr. Bill Lauretti (New York), Government Affairs Workgroup
  • Suzanne Corson (New Jersey), Fundraising Workgroup
  • Dr. Glenn Jaffe (North Carolina), Better Access to Chiropractic Political Action Committee

*Representing the Intra-Professional and Public-Facing Communication Workgroups

United by a Shared Vision
These workgroups, alongside the Leadership Committee, are entrusted with propelling the mission and vision of the Future of Chiropractic Strategic Plan. This plan, shaped by contributions from thousands of chiropractic doctors and other stakeholders, is a testament to the collective ambition and dedication within the chiropractic community.

A Message from Leadership
“The acumen and diverse expertise at every level in this process have been pivotal to our strategic plan's success,” says Tiffany Stevens, Immediate Past Chair. “With ongoing engagement from the chiropractic profession and our board's ability to execute long-term objectives, we eagerly anticipate the advancements we'll achieve together.”

Join Us on This Journey
For more information about this transformative project, to receive e-news updates, or to contribute to this endeavor, please visit www.chiropracticfuture.org.
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