Infinedi’s Brad Cost Recognized for His Major Contributions to Chiropractic Future

Infinedi’s Brad Cost Recognized for His MajorContributions to Chiropractic Future

Molalla, Oregon — January 10, 2024 — At the recent ChiroCongress Convention in Waikoloa, Hawaii, Brad Cost, CEO and President of Infinedi, was recognized as a Legacy Contributor for his extraordinary commitment to Chiropractic Future on two major projects. First, Mr. Cost has invested significant time, effort, and resources designing the first-ever Data Lake, set to revolutionize chiropractic and healthcare data management. Second, the chiropractic reimbursement dashboard is meant to equip state association leaders with the knowledge and data they need to better understand and predict insurance issues happening in their states and around the nation. His dedication was unveiled by a generous in-kind contribution exceeding $1 million dollars to Chiropractic Future, emphasizing his dedication to shaping the future of chiropractic.

As the head of Infinedi, a national claims clearinghouse located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that serves over 17,000 providers in 50 states and processes over 3 million transactions each month, Brad Cost continues to exemplify a commitment to efficiency and innovation, his Legacy Contributor recognition reflects the lasting impact of his contribution on the evolving chiropractic profession.

  • Outcomes of Chiropractic Future as direct result of Mr.Cost’s contributions:
The first major effort to collect healthcare data from within the profession to be used for academic-level research and outcome studies. Students and lead professors at the Spears School of Business Analytics and Data Science atOklahoma State University are working on a major class project in collaboration with Infinedi andChiropractic Future’s ChiroTech ConsortiumWorkgroup to develop a national healthcare data lake for the chiropractic profession. The work will determine and track utilization metrics and empower the profession with reliable data.
  • Securing more than $1 million in insurance reimbursements owed to Kentucky chiropractors. Infinedi, and Chiropractic Future’s ChiroTech Consortium Workgroup provided are imbursement dashboard to state chiropractic leaders at no cost to help them identify and solve reimbursement issues. By leveraging the reimbursement dashboard and collaborating with industry experts, the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors identified and resolved payment-related issues securing over $1 million in payments owed to Kentucky chiropractors. Brad Cost became the chief executive officer, president and owner of Infinedi in 1999. Cost is the owner of other technology companies including: an electronic data interchange consultation firm, an interactive software development firm, an innovative software system, and more.

About Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan
Founded in November 2019 and launched in August 2020, Chiropractic Future aims to position thechiropractic profession at the forefront of healthcare. The Strategic Plan, developed with extensivecollaboration and data analysis, sets forth comprehensive goals for the chiropractic community from2021 to 2026. The plan is positioned to lead the chiropractic profession toward an essential andthriving future by encompassing a wide range of perspectives and expertise.

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