Developing a National Healthcare Data Lake

Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Announces Collaboration with the Spears School of Business Analytics and Data Science at Oklahoma State University.

Molalla, Oregon — May 8, 2023 — In the Fall and Spring of 2023-24, the Spears School of Business Analytics and Data Science at Oklahoma State University will be working on a major class project in cooperation with Infinedi who is working collaboratively with the ChiroTech Consortium Workgroup for the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan. Students and lead professors will assist and lend their expertise in the development of a national healthcare data lake for the chiropractic profession. This will be the first major effort to collect healthcare data from within the profession that will be used for academic level research and outcome studies.

“My amazing Technology and Data Scientist team will be cooperating and guiding the OSU students throughout the next year” stated Brad Cost, President of Infinedi and co-chair of the ChiroTech Consortium.   “As a member of the board for the Spear’s School of Business Analytics and Data Science at Oklahoma State University, I am very proud of the program that OSU has built and the level of achievement that they have acquired. It is a perfect opportunity for both CTC, Infinedi and OSU to come together to develop this amazing product.”

The ChiroTech Consortium is a group of healthcare experts, data scientists and academic researchers from around the world. Their 2024 goals are to build and maintain an “Information Enabled” profession to drive legislative initiatives, achieve parity reimbursements, improve access, increase research, and forward public relation initiatives.

The Spears School of Business developed and offered one of the first analytics programs in the nation in 2004. Over time, Spears Business has continued to innovate and change course curriculum as needed to reflect current needs in the marketplace. The program is fully multi-platform and students get hands-on training with software and tools such as Alteryx, Azure, Data Bricks, GCP, Power BI, Python, R, SAS, SQL, Snowflake, Tableau and Tensor Flow. While the full-time program is designed to be 21 months, it is crafted in such a way to allow students to pursue flexible internships/externships with companies that can last from 3 to 11 months in the last year of a student’s program. Interns from the program will be working with the consortium during the Spring of 2023 on the design and development of the project in preparation for the Fall and Spring class project.

Program development was spearheaded by Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, professor and director of the Master's in Business Analytics and Data Science program, utilizing his engineering and marketing background to create a program which develops students’ coding, quantitative and soft skills to wrangle, analyze and model large data, interpret the results and explain how such analysis solve business problems.

About Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan
In November of 2019, a visionary idea was born: Build a strategic plan, which will lead the entire chiropractic profession into an essential and thriving future. In August of 2020, that visionary idea became The Chiropractic Future Visioning and Strategic Planning Project. Massive quantitative and qualitative data gathered from all corners of the profession, successfully identified common goals and priorities. Intensely spirited and collaborative workgroup sessions, representing the breadth of the profession, accomplished the heavy lift of creating an actionable, measurable plan. Eighteen months after the idea was born, a historic 2021 – 2026 strategic plan was developed.

About Oklahoma State University
We're more than proud of the recognition OSU has received from organizations across the nation. From being named a top public university to being known as America's Healthiest Campus, OSU's awards and rankings showcase our academic distinctions, campus culture and value.

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